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"We've Moved!"
At Rochester Records, we like to let you know what is new in the Music Industry. We will have monthly news and "happenings" reviews and a monthly Newsletter. We are proud to serve as a premier provider of Music Media for the greater Rochester area.
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"Rochester Records is the best place in town for Vinyl Records, CD's, DVD's and More!! Stop in and check us out!"
News and Reviews
"Classic Album Show"
We are proud to become the weekly sponsor of Rochester Public Radio station KRPR 89.9 FM's weekly "Classic Album Show" every Friday night at 9pm. Each week they will play an entire Classic LP! A must program to listen to!
 This week's album is Led Zeppelin III. 
The "The Rochester Experience" Is a Web Based TV Channel who's Mission is: "To Highlight and connect creative people - to be a showcase for current events, musicians, artists, makers, & entrepreneurs; celebrating culture & economic growth - One Episode At a Time." 
Tyler from, "The Rochester Experience", put this piece about Rochester Records for us and we definitely appreciate it. Please check out the "The Rochester Experience" on Facebook and YouTube. Thank You Tyler!
"The Rochester Experience"
"Monthly Album or Local Band Review"
Coming Soon!
"Web Based 1980's Rock Radio"
Hard80s Radio, a tribute to a decade that kicked ass. It’s that “Decade Of Decadence” that inspired us to launch Hard80s Radio, a podcast of sorts, with fully licensed music. Not only will we play the hard hitting 80’s rock that has now become classic…we will offer up our memories and love of this decade gone by. We also will be talking to the artists that help create and form the decade in question! We have not forgot about new melodic rock that is rising back to the top…We will give you “New Music With Hard80s Attitude” and help promote the artists that continue to bring the melodic rock to the masses. Thank You for taking the time to rock with us and please join us on Twitter and Facebook."Web Based 80's Rock Station":
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We've Moved!!! We have outgrown our store and have decided to EXPAND!!! So we have moved our store to a larger space in the SE corner of this building (See drawing for new location).

Please excuse our disorganized mess while we make our move. THANKS!
"Inexpensive Record Cleaning"
Got dirty records? You can cleaning your own Vinyl Records on your own inexpensively. HERE IS A VIDEO I found who shows a fantastic method of record cleaning that is not only inexpensive but extremely effective with excellent results. I have tried this method and would like to pass it on. A clean record not only sounds better, but helps keep your needle clean!